I hope that all of my customers and their dogs are keeping safe and well during this very difficult time. 

Having listened to the advice from the Government, I have decided to open, but with a strict social distancing policy in place. This policy will keep both you and I safe.

Please read the details of how this will work below :

  • Only ONE customer in reception at any one time. If someone is already in reception, please wait outside.
  • When you arrive you will see a mat on the floor, on this mat will be the clip of an extendable dog lead. Please clip your dog onto this lead.
  • I will then take your dog into the grooming area.
  • When you return to collect your dog, please stand on the matt, your dog will come to you and you can attach your own lead and remove the extendable.
  • If paying by cash, please have the correct money and leave it on the counter.
  • If paying by card, the card machine will be available for contactless (£45) or chip and pin transactions. 
  • You also have the option of paying via your smartphone.

This policy should mean that the only thing customers need to touch is the door handle, the clip of the lead and the credit card machine. All of which will be cleaned after each customer.

Thank you.

Claire X

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